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Rhonda Kane

Rhonda has been on staff at GCC since 2013, but has been an active member her entire life.  She is married to Dean, and they love spending time with their kids and grandkids.  Rhonda runs and manages the Orange Swan Free Store.

Kacey Wurster

Kacey has been active in ministry ever since 2007. She was brought on staff as Children’s Minister in 2019.
Kacey runs and Cordinates an amazing Children’s Ministry for Nursery to 5th grade.

Jacob Wurster

Jacob was hired July of 2018 as the Youth minister. He will be leading the High School and the Middle School Youth Groups. Jacob has a bachelors degree from Ozark Christian College. He has been in youth ministry since 2011. Jacob is a Husband to Kacey Wurster and Father to Jonah, Ellie, and Oakley.


Jim Bates
Derek Clevenger
Dave Peterson
David Semrad
Dean Kane
Joe Semrad


Kyle Carpenter
Kellen Hodgden
Brian Semrad
 Aaron Tromsness
Andy Tromsness
Jared Han
Gene Cox 
Greg Duff
Mike Jacquinot
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