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Who We Are

We are a body of people with different backgrounds, ages, occupations, and family attributes. We are unified and united through our faith in God as the Father, Jesus Christ as His Son, and the Holy Spirit that dwells with in us when we live out our testimony of faith. Our desire is to grow God's kingdom by loving Him first and loving people second. 

What We Believe:

GCC is part of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ based in the Restoration Movement. We have no denominational structure, and rely on Scripture for all matters of faith and practice.  Each congregation maintains independent spiritual leadership through the oversight of elders, but encourages fellowship and service amongst its churches. 

Here are some phases that characterize our central principles:

Who are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

What is the Bible?

How do I connect with God (become a Christian)?

How do I live the Christian life?

What is the Church?

We affirm and remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us by participating in the Lord’s Supper each week, and hold it open to all believers (Matthew 26:26-29;              1 Corinthians 11:23-29)